Doris for Pinterest

Doris for Pinterest

    After installing Doris on a new site, before you can start using the plugin, you will need to add a license key.

    1. Enter the license key that you've been provided with into the input field
    2. Click the Activate Doris button to activate the plugin

    Doris needs to be activated before she starts creating graphics, however, wait until you've completed the rest of the set up before setting this to Active.

    You can select where in the admin menu the Doris screen is positioned. If your menu is overflowing, you may prefer it as a sub-menu to the Dashboard, but you can also place it under the Comments or near the top or bottom of the menu. The exact location may vary depending on where other plugins place their menu items.

    Doris adds a tracking parameter to the URLs attached to graphics. By default, this parameter is called doris, but we recommend you change this to a UTM parameter or something more related to your site. If you change any settings, obviously remember to click the Save settings button.

    You should select the time of day that your graphics are created. Ideally you should pick a time when your site is quiet, such as the early hours of the morning. If you haven't set the time of your site, it may not match your time, so the site time is displayed below the input field, with a link to take you to the settings page to edit the site time.

    NB: Doris creates a graphic each minute starting at the time you enter here

    The Max pins per post sets the maximum number of graphics that Doris will create for a post in a year. Creating too many pins for a post may be seen as spammy behavior.

    By default, Doris will create 15 graphics per day, but you can edit this setting. However be careful if you want to raise this number, as creating too many graphics each day may be seen as spammy behavior by Pinterest.

    NB: Depending on the amount of content on your site and other settings, it is possible that some days, less graphics than the maximum entered here will be created.

    You can enter a minimum number of days between between Pinterest graphics being created for a post. If you leave this blank, Doris will be able to create graphics for a post on consecutive days, though this will only apply on sites with less content.

    You can either use RSS feeds to automatically send graphics to Pinterest or you can manually pin your graphics.

    1. Click the Pin manually checkbox if you want to handle pinning yourself
    2. Enter the Time to pin (don't make this too close to the Time to create as there is a minute between the creation of each pin
    3. Enter an email address to receive daily notifications at or about the Time to pin

    NB: Because of the way WordPress works, there may be a delay between the Time to pin and the time that you receive an email. You can read about WP Cron to understand the cause of this.

    You can configure Doris to add graphics to RSS feeds that are then read by Pinterest to automatically add pins to the site. You can add the posts of specific WordPress categories to different feeds and then connect each feed to one of your Pinterest boards. When you first add Doris to a site, there will be a default feed named after the site.

    1. Enter a name for the feed that will make sense to you in the future
    2. Select one of more categories - graphics created for posts in these categories will be added to this feed
    3. Click the Add feed button to save the new feed

    You can learn how to use your RSS feeds to publish pins in this Pinterest help document - The feed URL you need to copy to Pinterest is displayed on the bottom line of the feed box, but you can also click the pasteboard icon to copy the URL.