Creating graphics that stand out on Pinterest is a drag

Let Doris handle it for you - automatically, every day

We all know that Pinterest can be a great source of targeted traffic for your business, but creating graphics can be a huge time suck.

That’s why we created Doris, our very own virtual Virtual Assistant. This powerful WordPress plugin can create Pinterest graphics for all the posts on our sites and send them to Pinterest too.

Automatically, every single day of the year.

Now you can get Doris to help promote your websites too.

What is Doris?

Doris is a WordPress plugin that has been created to help your sites satisfy Pinterest’s huge appetite for new graphics. The days of creating graphics one time and continuosly repinning are gone.

Today, Pinterest wants fresh and new pins that people haven’t seen before.

Doris excels at this. With the minimum of set up, you can have Doris creating and posting pins for you while you run your business.

By combining different designs, images, color schemes, fonts and titles and text, Doris can create pin graphics that offer many tens of thousands of different permutations for each post.

Is Doris right for your site?

We created Doris to help us leverage the power of Pinterest for our sites. We love her, but she may not be the right choice for you.

However, there is something very important to consider.

Because the only brand Pinterest is interested in is Pinterest, Doris deliberately avoids creating graphics that follow a brand style. Many previously successful Pinterest accounts have seen their stats tank, often because their pins follow a common, homogenous style. That may make for beautiful, consistently styled boards, but if all your pins look similar, Pinterest won’t be as motivated to keep showing them to new Pinterest users.

Fancy giving Doris a go?

If you’d like to try Doris on your own site, use the button below to state your interest.

Doris has been under development for more than half a year and we’ve been running many tests on our own sites. However, this is still an early stage plugin. You may encounter unexpected issues, which we’ll want you to share with us so we can make her better for everyone.

Remember, you need a WordPress site, but we think Doris should work happily with all types of web hosting, including cheap shared hosts. This is because the actual creation of the pin graphics is handled on Amazon’s Web Services (AWS). This also means performance should never be an issue as the function on AWS is configured to handle up to 10,000 connections per second.